Monday, February 14, 2011

japan in a few photos

i loved japan, i suggest it to anyone who wants to see an amazing country rich with tradition and beauty! hope my pics convey that! thanks again annette, eric and heather!

church was in a building, it was about 5 floors and had about two to three rooms each floor

tokyo tower, their eiffel

downtown shibuya (their times squre but better than times square)

i fell in love with japanese fashion, look how cute the girls were

oh zara, be my valentine

taxi's in shibuya, i love how colorful they are

so many birds!

there were a ton of doves sitting on this basin and flew off before i could get them all, it was funny cause the pidgeons were on the ground eating rocks and the doves were sitting on the washing basin...

before entering any temples or shrines its respectful to wash your hands so they have these basins

the great temple at kamakura

you buy a fortune from the gift shop and then tie it on here and it will come true

so the japanese have a small obsession with the french and they do a very good job of bringing it to life, hence the crepes

the back streets of kamakura

kamakura train, look how cute it is

the great buddah

my little cherry blossom bloom

little statues dedicated to unborn children

inside the cave were more statues that you could buy and set out, look at how packed they were

downtown shibuya


harajuku street

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